M-CELL System

Stem Cell Collecting Kits


Smart Stem Cell Collecting System

SMART M-CELL is an automatic isolation and extraction system, developed based on scientific patent technology to maximum cell viability and recovery rate.

Unlike the conventional centrifuges, SMART M-CELL adjust RPM and angles automatically provides concentrated stem cells as well as other types of cells that are required for tissue regeneration.
  • The technology to maximize the cell viabilities and the function
  • Fully automated, closed system provides a safe separation of cells
  • Multiple rotations with different speed maximizes cell separation most efficiently
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Stem cells reduce healing processes

Our body has a natural healing ability but the power of cells necessary.
If we can collect stem cells to be dispersed throughout the body and place them wher healing is needed, the healing process will be shortend.

Our technology is ot extract living stem cells and grown factors specialized for regeneration and offer the safest autologous stem cell
therapy in the world.

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Know-how for Living Deacticated Cells

Scientific Technology to Maintain Cell Survival

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  • 1. Auto-Rotation

    The spinning rotor and basket adjust RPM and angles automatically to provide precise isolation and concentration of cells.

  • 2. Double Separate Rotation

    First rotation separates RBCs first to prevent stem cell activity concentrates cells that are directly involved in tissue regeneration.

  • 3. Touch Screen and Voice Guide

    Intuitive and convenient touch screen and voice guide for the whole process.

  • 4. LED Visible Light

    Can choose or change the appropriate wavelength for treatment to increases the activity of cells and growth factors.

    - Blue460mn ~ 475mn Green525mn ~ 530mn Yellow585mn ~ 590mn Red660mn
    • Helps increase the self-power
      of cells (Natural purification
    • Increase cell immunity
    • Increase cell activity
    • Improve lymph and blood
    • Helps for cell growth and
      collagen formation
    • More than 5 times the cell
      growth of fibroblasts Increase
      collagen synthesis
    • Circulation system, anti-aging
    • Skin acne growth inhibition
    • In case of improving immunity
      and liver function
    • Skin freckles, spots, etc.
      Production inhibitory effect
    • All medical and cosmetic
    • For orthopedic tendon, cartilag
      e treatment
    • In case of skin elasticity
    * 표를 드래그하여 확인하세요. With the effect of enhancing the activity of cells and growth factors, when collecting cells, you can select a wavelength suitable for the purpose of treatment and treatment. Change at any time / Multiple selection available

Know-how for Clinically Calid Total Cells

Scientific Patent Techonology to Maintain Cell Survival

  • 1. Isolation Valve

    The patented isolation valve is designed to calculate the densityof the cells in the blood and bone marrow to prevent damage caused by intercellular friction and to maintain inactivation before treatment.

  • 2. Separated Structure

    Minimizes cell damage by dividing pre-separated red blood cells and stem cells into separate spaces.

  • 3. Rounded Structure

    The rounded structure is designed to eliminate the loss or waste of cell members to be used for treatment.

  • 4. PPP Remove Cannula

    The specially designed cannual tip is to remove only without disturbing cell concentrates.